Your own brand.
Production of your own brand at IVN Nettetal GmbH

IVN Nettetal GmbH a powerful partner at your location at every level – from the idea to the implementation of a new product.

Product development.



Unique products.

IVN Nettetal, specializing in development, production and sales, is a German manufacturer of biocidal products, cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

IVN Nettetal strives to offer its customers unique products based on solid scientific research and tests.

Sustainable, efficient and innovative product development.

IVN Nettetal fulfills the German and European regulations for cosmetic products and the legal requirements for the production of biocidal products such as disinfectants in order to be able to offer its customers unique products and services in all parts of the world.

Compliance with German and European legal regulations ensures that our products have the trustworthy quality
“Made in Germany”.

Full service partner in the field of contract filling.

IVN Nettetal offers you the opportunity to choose from our wide range of cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and biocidal products such as disinfectants. In our own modern production facilities we manage all essential steps from product development through product optimization and production to filling. You can sell the quality products made in Germany under your own label.

We offer our customers private label products from a single source.

Talk to us – your brand made in Germany is our strength!